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Cookies (the fat-free type)

Cookie Alert!! By continuing to browse our site, you consent to our placing cookies on your computer (unless you have chosen to disable them via your browser).

OK, now that we have stated the cookie alert, let's deal with "What is a cookie?"

Cookies are small encrypted text files that are stored on your computer or other device when visiting this website.
Our website requires the use of some cookies to enable you to be able to browse and add items to your shopping bag - without these cookies you would not be able to place your order. We also use cookies for some of the following reasons:-
  • Keep your shopping bag up to date with your choices
  • Product Recommendations (we use the wisdom of the crowd to recommend relevant products to our customers)
  • Track our sales
  • Identify our affiliate shoppers
At no point do our cookies or those of our third parties store your personal payment information.

It is possible to turn off your cookies through your website browser settings however this will affect the functionality and experience of our site. What does that mean? it means your shopping basket will not retain the things you put in it when you leave and re-visit the site and also it will make it somewhat frustrating on your logged in pages. (If you have an account)

You can visit the help section of your website browser to learn how to turn your cookie settings off.

Different types of cookies?

There are three types of cookies:
  • First party - we use these
  • Third party, we a few of these
  • Ones you dunk in coffee, we use a lot of these!
We have classified our cookies into two different types; First and Third party cookies. First party cookies are the cookies that sets to offer you a fully functional experience when shopping our site. Third party cookies are set by our business partners such as Google Analytics and other tools to help us provide you relevant, optimised content.  

First party cookies

In order to be able to shop on we would like your computer to accept cookies but it is not essential, you can always order over the phone. Some of our cookies (classified as First Party cookies) are essential to enable the shopping basket and sign-in functions on our website, without them placing an order would be a frustrating and the chances are you would not bother as your shopping bag would keep losing its way..

I said this before but I will say it again as its important, our cookies don't store personal information such as name, address or any payment details

Third party cookies

We work with carefully selected suppliers who also use cookies on our website. These cookies enable certain features that are run in conjunction with partners such as Facebook, Twitter & YouTube to function. We don't control the setting of some of these cookies so for more information about please visit the relevant third-party website. Below is a list of the main cookies that our partner suppliers use and what they use them for. We are currently auditing use of third party cookies and we will update this section.
Party Purpose of Cookie Name
Tagman, Adconion Media Group, AdMeld,  ADTECH, Affinity, AOL Advertising, AppNexus, BlueKai, Brightcove, Conduit, Creafi, DoubleClick, Flickr, Google, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Mediaplex, Microsoft Advertising, Mixpanel, Right Media, Rubicon Project, ShareThis, Smart AdServe, TradeDoubler, Yahoo! These cookies allow us to identify if you have entered our site from one of our affiliated partner sites and allows us to identify which advertisements you have clicked on. Please note that each individiual advertiser uses its own tracking cookies and that the data accessed is not confidential or interchangeable. LGP, TMP, TMS
Add this These cookies enable you to share products you have found with your friends through printing, email sharing, bookmarking etc. bt, di, dt, loc, psc, uid, uit, uvc
Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkWithin These cookies are required to enable our customers to share their shopping experiences through social media such as Facebook and Twitter etc. Please note that if you do choose to share through these social media providers that we don't control the setting of these cookies and we recommend that you check the provider's website for further information. datr, i_id, lsd, lu, SR_geoCodeCache
Clicky, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, DC Storm, Optimizely Analytics and conversion cookies - information helps us to track our performance and to improve your journey on our website. They also allow us to change what appear based on what has worked before so one site user may see different text to another.  

By continuing to browse our site, you consent to our placing cookies on your computer (unless you have chosen to disable them via your browser).

We have tried to ensure that you our customers have full visibility of the cookies used on our website. Our website requires certain cookies to be enabled for you to be able to shop on however if you would like to restrict or block cookies from this website you can use your browser to do so. Each browser allows you to restrict or block cookies in different ways so we recommend that you visit the Help section to learn how to set your preferences.

For further information about cookies and how to manage them visit