Like us on facebook to be entered into our monthly prizedraw specialises in unique and interesting artisan, home decor and home accessories.  Everything from picture frames, tea-light holders, vases and clocks through to amazing wall sculptures and beautiful soft furnishings.

Finding beautiful and unusual items for the home is what we do. Our site is full of the best of what we have found locally and round the world from small artisan manufactures to larger suppliers. We only ever sell items which we love and would have in our homes.

I have been involved in selling bespoke and handmade items online since 2005 and during that time have learnt time and time again there is no substitute for quality, one day the cost of an item will be forgotten as will the time it takes to find it and negotiate terms with the makers (which sometimes takes the longest amount of time) but what remains is the quality and beauty of the item, the enduring satisfaction that a well placed quality item can give and the improvement to a home is worth the toil, I hope you agree.

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