PVC Tablecloths

pvc tablecloths are suitable for anyone on a budget as they are pocket-friendly. Aside from this, they are strong and durable and therefore give you value for your money. You can use these tablecloths for your everyday dinner table or use them in a restaurant for the food tables. Since they are easy to clean, PVC tablecloths are convenient for a household that has children around. In case of spillage, all you need to do is wipe down the tablecloth like you would a kitchen counter. You will not need to wash it with the rest of the laundry or iron it for that matter. In case there are fold marks on the surface, they clear out in no time. With the different designs available, you can match up your tablecloth with your home's interior design.

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1. Durability  

PVC tablecloths can withstand rough use. They are scratch resistant hence protect the table surface from damage. In case your table surface is damage, using PVC tablecloths is an excellent disguise. For additional strength, they are usually bound with polyester flannel. PVC tablecloths being water resistant protects your table from damage especially if your table is made of wood. They smooth waxy surface does not allow stubborn stains. These tablecloths are suitable for the outdoors as they can stand any weather.

2. Cleaning

Vinyl tablecloths are easy to maintain because they need not be washed or ironed. You will not need heavy scrubbing to remove any food stains on its surface. In case of dried food residue or oil stains, all you need is a mild detergent, water, and a table rug to clean them off. The color of the material does not fade when you clean them as there is no scrubbing involved.

3. Affordability and Variety

For anyone on a budget, these pocket-friendly tablecloths are the best option. They have low-cost maintenance, and they give you value for your money. There is a wide range of prices denoting the quality that you can choose from. Vinyl tablecloths come in different sizes to fit all sizes of tables. With the different colors in which these tablecloths come in, you can mix and match or pair up different colors with your kitchen space to give it a sophisticated look.

5. Versatility

Vinyl tablecloths can be used in different places for different functions or events. They are especially suitable for your child's birthday as kids tend to be clumsy. They have an elasticized band that holds it in place so that foods or drinks are not spilled in case of someone tags at the edge by accident. Their tablecloths are a practical solution for;

- Catering tables

- Party event rooms

- Dinner tables

- Care homes

- Nurseries

- Balcony and garden tables.


Advancements in technology have allowed PVC materials to be updated and refined. They are designed to be durable and strong. You can have PVC coated tablecloths that adds a sophisticated flair to your tables. These tablecloths hardly rip or tear and hence have a long life. In case you have a hard to fit table top, custom sized tablecloths are available in the market.