Unique and bespoke touches to add to the home

The home is, or should be, a place of refuge, a sanctuary to return to at the end of a long, hard day, but there are few things less inviting than a house or flat that is devoid of character. You know the kind of thing: the house that looks like a builder’s show home […]

FrithsFreebieFriday !

Enter to #Win

FrithsFreebieFriday is back! After a short break, #FrithsFreebieFriday is back with a difference to celebrate the onset of Summer! Instead of the usual Hanging Hearts Givaway, we are giving away one of our gorgeous Rabbit Print Shopping Bags.  Currently they are priced at £19.99 but you could have one FREE by following either of these easy rules. […]

#FrithsFreebieFridays !


Yes, that’s right, #FrithsFreebieFridays ! On the last Friday of every calendar month, CathyFrith.com will choose one lucky follower to win a hanging heart from our Hanging Hearts Collection. Anyone can enter, here is how: If you are on Twitter, just go to @CathyFrithUK , find the appropriate Tweet about #FrithsFreebieFriday and just Follow & Retweet […]

Natural Materials

Metal Ring Handle Bowl

 Displaying Natural Materials   The natural look in a home is so much easier to achieve when you opt for wood or metal accessories. This includes items such as the oval wooden bowl and the ring handled metal bowl  both from CathyFrith.com. Made from natural materials, these are perfect for those who want something stylish in […]

Ideal Home Show Free Tickets Competition

Ideal Home Show Free Tickets

It’s that time of year again! We are running our incredibly popular competition for a second year running! Ideal Home Show Free Tickets For over 100 years the Ideal Home Show has been helping to transform British Homes.  From kitchens and bathrooms, to bedrooms and basements, from fixtures and fittings to fine food, gardens and the latest […]


Duck Foot Candle Holder

  Would you like to win a pair of these Duck Feet Candle Holders?    Hi,  As most of you are aware, on the last Friday of every month, we draw one lucky winner to #Win our FrithsFreebieFriday Competition. The #Prize has always been one of our beautiful Hanging Hearts which make for a gorgeous gift for yourself […]

Driftwood Heart


  This Driftwood Heart combines nature and craftsmanship to form a beautiful accessory that would make a welcome addition to any home. Driftwood itself is one of my personal favourites, as it is environmentally-friendly, tactile and generally pleasing to look at.  It has effectively been rejected by nature but its natural, delicate look and versatility […]

All set for dinner


  When you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to decorate your home, you’ll want people to see it. To this end many homeowners enjoy hosting dinner parties. To do it right, you’ll want to have the perfect tableware to complement the food that you intend to serve because, as the Japanese say, “We taste […]

Metal duck feet candle holder (short)

Duck Foot Candle Holder

  The best thing about candles is that they can be used almost anywhere in the home. The best thing about this metal duck feet candle holder is that it is available in a short version as well as a tall. This means that they are perfect for the smaller candles and will fit well […]

Free Wine Competition – WINNER!

Cust Faves Mixed Pack Y1167899999

    Well what an amazing response! Since launching this competition back in April we have been inundated with entries via FaceBook, Twitter and Newsletter sign-ups – it seems everyone wants to Win a Case of 6 Bottles of Wine! So good has the response been that as well as there being one Winner overall, […]

Swivel Base Table Clock


The first half of the twentieth century was a wonderful time for design.  Iconic furniture and styles that we still enjoy today were first brought to life during this period, none more so than the easily-identifiable creations inspired by the Art Deco movement. Many aspects of the wonderful Swivel Base Table Clock reflect this golden […]

Do more with the floor


When was the last time you did something to make your floor more stylish or decorative? The chances are that you haven’t. Just over a decade ago, polished wooden floors were becoming popular, but since then cold winters have brought many back to good old standard carpet and there haven’t been many fresh ideas since. […]

Weathered Wooden Photo Frame


Do you ever find it difficult to choose presents for the men in your life? I must admit this is a problem that has dogged me for years – unless they give me clear instructions as to what they want, I am often stumped. So I was absolutely delighted when I found our weathered wooden […]

Go neutral, go natural


When the world seems filled with a cacophony of noise and blindingly bright colours it’s good to come home to a soothing, neutral-toned space. Cool and calming rooms like this have always been a good place to relax, but recent trends have seen them acquire even more depth and subtlety. Blending neutral colours with natural […]

Metal duck feet candle holder (tall)

Duck Foot Candle Holder

Candles are a great way to add a touch of warmth to any room but getting the right holder is essential. Traditional candlesticks are fine but if you have quirky tastes then you will know that nothing but the unusual will do! These metal duck feet candle holders are tall and perfect for the dinner […]

Make a statement with the elephant lid tea caddy


  Every home needs a talking point and the elephant lid tea caddy from Cathy Frith is one of those versatile items that will look great just about anywhere and really draw attention. It seems like a jar that ought to be filled with special things, so it can be used to store sweets that […]

Time for the perfect gift


Giving a clock as a gift is a well established tradition, especially at wedding and retirement celebrations. Finding the right clock for the right person is a bit trickier. The gold carriage clock that used to be the gift of choice for everyone is well past its sell-by date. What is more, most people already […]

Wooden Bi-Plane


  Jumbo jets and high-speed aeroplanes may be marvels of modern engineering, but I often think that they lack the beauty, style and romance of the first aircrafts to soar in the skies. This criticism cannot be levelled at the Wooden Bi-Plane ornament, however, as this carefully-crafted creation conjures up images of pilots in leather […]

Romance and Candlelight


If you’re preparing to spend some special time with the person you love, there’s nothing like candlelight to set the mood. These ideas can help you to come up with the perfect arrangement for a romantic evening- Traditional candelabra: From cool white classical columns to sparkling crystal structures to wrought iron Gothic creations, there’s a […]

Accessorising the rustic home


One of the hottest decorating trends of the past couple of years has been the rustic look, with antiqued wooden furniture and earthy tones used to create a warm rustic atmosphere, even in urban dwellings. It is an easy look to put together, but accessorising it can prove much more difficult; as most modern ornaments […]