Vintage Oilcloth

oilcloths are quite popular in most households because they can be put to use in numerous ways. A decade back when baby diapers were not so extensively used, mothers of young babies would use oilcloths on their beds to protect the mattresses from getting spoiled by their babies urinating in their sleep. With a vintage oilcloth under the bed sheet, this problem was taken care of quite easily, and bed wetting was not an issue anymore. 

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However, with the introduction of baby diapers in the market, the problem of bet wetting has become a thing of the past, and oil-cloths are finding new uses in modern households these days. In UK, oil-cloths are pretty frequently used as they also make a lovely yet handy tablecloth for use inside the home as well as in the garden area. The choice of fabrics in oil-cloths is also pretty huge, and they can also be cut and trimmed to a custom size to cover the table appropriately.

The advantage of using oil-cloths as tablecloths is pretty simple yet effective and lasting. Since most of the hot and cold beverages, juices and drinks are usually served on a table for consumption, their chances of spilling on the table and leaving a stain are always pretty high. By using an oil-cloth as a tablecloth, the problem of stains is easily taken care of permanently. Even after repeated usage and regular spills on it, you only need to wash the tablecloth with soap, and it will again start shining like brand new.

So if you are interested in buying some oil-cloths for your home, you won't find it very hard to find some great destinations where you will find the best deals on oil-cloths. These stores stock a wide range of fabrics to pick for oil-cloths and have in-house alteration services to custom design your oil-cloths based on the dimensions provided by you. However, if you are not comfortable with the modern designs and want something vintage for your home, then going for a vintage oil-cloth might be the right choice in this regard.

When it comes to buying a vintage oil-cloth, you will be surprised to know that none of the products being sold as oil-cloths are actually oil-cloths in reality. The name Oil-cloth has been derived by the process which involved treating canvas fabric with numerous coats of linseed oil to make it waterproof. Though there are several companies who manufacture oilcloths using several vintage designs, the material of the modern oil-cloth is completely different.